One of the first questions new Backyard Orchard growers ask us is Why Bare Root Trees?  Let me explain…

How we learned about bare root trees

When we first set up shop on our little slice of paradise here in Maine, we had a lot to learn about how to grow fruit trees.



Bare Root Trees
Bare Root Tree Roots

We When we stopped  and let nature take the wheel, the results were easy to see:

  • Tougher trees
  • Adapted easily to our soil
  • More fruit production
  • Faster fruiting

Since those early days, we’ve sold bare root trees to help our customers skip the stumbles we made, and start a successful orchard right from the start.

  • Bare root trees are
  • Healthier
  • Bigger root systems
  • No transplant shock
  • No dead trees

Bare root trees are not the same as potted trees.  They are normal sized for their age.

Trees that you buy at a home improvement store and many commercial nurseries are grown outside of natural soil; therefore they need to be fed and watered to keep them alive.  The fertilizer and drip irrigation they use create trees that are dependent on you to keep growing. It’s the only way to get a huge canopy on a tree with roots that fit in a pot.

Our trees, being in the soil, are never artificially fed or even watered. Once planted in your yard, with the instructions we include, they should thrive.  If they don’t, we guarantee them! Our trees may start out with a smaller top section than what you see at the store, but within a few years you will have a larger, healthier and more productive fruit tree.

You can buy hardy trees and plants that offer good disease resistance AND have great tasting fruit!

Potted Tree Roots
Potted Tree Roots

Our varieties are hardy (with many of them hardy down to -50 F). You can find all different types of fruit that will grow almost no matter what cold area you live in.

Our trees are grown naturally, no man-made chemicals or plastics are used. We do not water past the initial planting times, we rely on natural compost and mulch to assist the trees in growing strong and healthy. They prove themselves, every summer and winter, that they can grow and thrive, in extreme temperatures and droughts.

We are a small nursery, using alternative, Permaculture methods to offer you a great variety of healthy trees every year. Since we are small we only have a limited amount of plants each year and they have to pass a rigorous inspection each fall and spring prior to us offering them to you.

We do not compete with large nurseries and are here to answer any questions, before AND after the sale, to help you grow fruit successfully.