We want you to be THRILLED with your purchase and grow your fruit trees successfully. 

If your tree doesn't grow
we will come plant the
replacement tree for you!!!*

What We Guarantee
Our guarantee is that your dormant tree/plant will arrive in good, viable condition and will leaf out by June  (historically over 98% of our trees do). 

This guarantee is only available to customers who purchased their tree/plant directly from us, and who planted their tree/plant in the ground by May 31st and who follow our specific planting instructions included with your tree.

What We Cannot Guarantee
We cannot guarantee that your tree/plant remains alive & healthy beyond it’s first growing year, or bears fruit, as there are too many variables beyond our control in order to do so (i.e. soil preparation, planting, fertilization, weed & pest control, adequate irrigation and/or drainage, chill hours, compatible hardiness for your zone, proper choice of pollinator, etc).

How to Request a Credit
If your tree/plant does not leaf out by June 30th, please perform a scratch test by checking for green under the bark, a few inches over the graft. 

If the scratch test reveals a brown cambium, that means your tree/plant is dead or dying. If the scratch test revealed that your plant is dead or dying, pull it from the ground and take pictures of the entire tree/plant as planted, location they’re planted in and then take a photo of the roots.  

We will review your claim and issue you a credit (not a refund) for the purchase price of your tree/plant (excluding shipping).*

(*We reserve the right to not issue credit for items purchased with credit, or if we determine (by the pictures you provide) that your tree/plant was improperly cared for (due to root rot, rodent or mechanical damage)

*This offer of replanting is good for trees installed within 150 miles of Boston or within the State of Maine. Unfortunately, we cannot travel everywhere as much as we would like to, especially with COVID-19 restrictions. But, we will still issue a credit if you do, for some reason, have a tree that doesn’t grow.