We sell ONLY the trees and plants that we have grown, and harvested fruit from in on our experimental orchard in Winterport, Maine.

Each year we add more varieties to this orchard to see how they do in our extreme climate. Our farm has winters with -20 degrees Fahrenheit in winter to summer heat in the 90’s. Hardy fruit trees are a MUST!

Our trees don’t get watered or fussed over. We do not have time for that. Your trees shouldn’t need it either.

Our Maine tested trees will make growing fruit easy for you. 

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We sell bare root treesONLY until April 5th

Why? Because they are:

more cold hardy than potted trees

adapt well to challenging climates

can wait a week or two to be planted

have much lower risk of transplant shock

have much lower maintenance than potted tree


Step-by-Step Systems

Your order receipt comes with a link to our exclusive

Ultimate Guide to Growing Plants in a
Simple, Natural, and Poison-Free Orchard.

These simple instructions will show you the
How To’s of natural orchard care.

What This Download Includes:
Mimicking Nature
Planning the Orchard
Spacing in the Orchard
Companion Planting
Planting Your Trees
Watering Your Plants
Protecting Your Trees
and more…

When will my trees beready to pickup or ship?

We start shipping trees and plants when spring arrives. This changes yearly.We normally start shipping the last week of April.

More shipping information can be found here

How big will my trees get?

Sizes and suggestions based on orchard/garden area:

Dwarf: 8 to 12 feet tall for areas 200 square feet or less

Semi-Dwarf: 15 to 17 feet tall for areas under 500 square feet

Full-Sized: 20 to 30 feet tall for areas with more than 500 square feet

Learn more about rootstocks and how they affect the size of fruit trees here.


What about pollination...do I need more than 1?

Apple – No, most Do NOT need another

Apricot – No, all Apricots are Self-Fertile

Cherries – Yes, Unless it says Self-Fertile

Peaches – No, all Peaches are Self-Fertile

Euro Pears – Yes, Unless it says Self-Fertile

Asian Pears – Yes, Unless it says Self-Fertile

Plums – Yes, Unless it says Self-Fertile

Choose Self-Fertile Varieties if you have limited area to plant


What's wrong with the potted trees at the local home improvement store?

Nothing, aside from the fact that they are MUCH more delicate than bare root trees.

If you’re an experienced tree grower, we say go for it.

But, if you’ve never successfully grown fruit trees, we highly recommend trying our bare root trees – you’ll be astounded with the difference.

The trees you’ll buy from them will be well known varieties, the ones that you see in the grocery store. Not trees that are grown with extreme climates in mind.

You won’t find Red Delicious or Macintosh in our selection. They were developed for large orchards and their spray programs. Not for the backyard orchard.

The shocking secret within the nursery industry that no one talks about.

They’re selling you fruit trees that they know will probably die and by the time you figure out why, it’s likely you’ve had failed trees more than once.

The potted trees at your local home improvement store look so nice and neat in their little pots and fully leafed out.

They’re convenience and packaged, to be purchased by you on a spur of the moment decision based on how they look.

To grow a large tree within a small pot,  you need a lot of fertilizer and daily watering. Before potting this tree, they trim the roots to fit in the pot. Now these roots have nowhere to go but round and round.

Often, there is nothing that can be done to resolve this and the trees never reaches it’s true potential or anchors in the ground correctly.


Why your trees from big box stores die

Huge nurseries in the southeastern part of the US grow these chemically dependent trees and send them to all their stores all over the US. There is no thought for which trees grow best in the area they’re shipped to, the deciding factor is if the name is known by consumers.

Once at the store, they are kept on the life support of more fertilizer and water to keep them alive until someone takes them home.

To add insult to injury, if the nursery growing them loses the tags on a run of trees, they just put a variety name to it and send it off anyways. The goal for the store is to make a profit, not sell a healthy tree that will provide good fruit for many years in the future.

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Happy Customers

from Charles Arch on our Facebook page

“Great trees, and very informative, I will never go to a big box store for trees again, Your local grown trees are big and healthy, and priced lower than the chain stores! Thank you!”

from Jessica Creighton on our Facebook page

“Brian and Jill are a wealth of information, and have been of tremendous help to me as I get my feet wet in the fruit tree growing world. All the trees I’ve purchased from Winter Cove Farm so far have flourished, and I look forward to adding more to my farm soon!”

from Amanda Reno on our Facebook page

“I am so happy with the strawberries and Joan J raspberry plants! The bare root raspberries have really taken so well compared to plants I purchased elsewhere. Of the 50 strawberry plants purchased only 2 didn’t take, so overall they are great!”

from Becky McAvoy on our Facebook page

“I’ve learned so much from the folks at Winter Cove Farm, they are wonderful and work hard to give you all the tools you need to succeed. My blueberries that I purchased several years ago are gifting us with delicious sweet berries. All of my fruit trees are growing lovely, strong and healthy. One of my favorite local farms to support.”

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