Holistic Spray Recipe

When you want to feed and protect your plants without chemicals, try this Natural Tree Spray that is easy to make.

The Where, When, Why, and What of Spraying

Our main source and focus for spraying is to build the health of the tree. Trees that are healthy fight off disease and insects. If a tree needs more spraying than we do, we drop the tree from our orchard. We want to encourage and grow the best of the best available.

The basics:
Concentrated Garlic Oil (anti fungal, anti viral, changes scent of fruit)
Water Kefir (creates a probiotic colony on the branches & fruit with beneficial microbes to promote fruit growth & disease resistance. )
Liquid Fish Emulsion (feeds soil and arboreal food web)
Liquid Kelp (promotes growth and helps trees adapt to strees)
Molasses (feeds tree)
Murphy’s Oil Soap or Peppermint Liquid Castille Soap (helps emulsification)

Apple Cider Vinegar (changes pH of leaves, fights off fungal challengers)
Compost Tea (must be FINISHED compost, feeds the tree & soil)

1 Cup Water Kefir1 ¼ C Liquid Fish
1 Tablespoon Concentrated Garlic Oil
½ C Molasses
1 teaspoon Soap
⅓ C Liquid Kelp
1 Tablespoon Natural Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Cup Compost Tea

Mix into 4 Gallons of Water.

Spray as follows:

When ¼” green tips are on the trees
When buds turn pink
When petals fall
10 days after petal fall
Every 2 weeks after until harvest
Two weeks after harvest

When spraying your trees, spray the ground too.

At blossom opening, do not spray the trees with above mixture. If you want to spray them, use the following, optional, mixture:

Spray 4 Gallons of water mixed with 1 Cup Water Kefir & ⅓ C Liquid Kelp.