Organic Fruit Growing Info

Whether you have 3 trees or 300, Organic Fruit Growing requires more than changing from conventional sprays to organically certified sprays. In order to grow fruit without poisons, you need to ensure you have the right varieties, the right soil conditions, and holistic healing methods.That’s what we work on sharing with you here. Feel free to reach out to us if you’re struggling with a specific issue in your orchard.

What Is Grafting and Why Is It Important?

Since the Chinese starting grafting, thousands of years ago, it has become the prominent way that we propagate fruit trees. When you purchase a named variety fruit tree, it usually has been grafted, especially apples, cherries, pears and plums. Since most plants are cross-pollinated, their seed does not come true to the parent. Just like humans, seed contains genetics from both contributors where you never know exactly which genes are going to be prominent.  This

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