Our Nursery:

You might be surprised if you took a walk around our orchard and nursery. It’s not what you’d expect. There are no long rows of the same plants with bare dirt and drip irrigation. This is our home, our family grows our trees and spends our days playing in the same dirt. The kids sandbox, made from the granite foundation blocks of an old barn, sit next to rows of small trees and plants. Our chickens work each summer towards building the soil for next year’s trees. The annuals grow along side perennials and the orchard looks more like a forest invading an old farm than the straight rows and tightly-mown grass you’re used to seeing.

The trees and plants we grow thrive because of the piles of composting wood chips, the soil that is teaming with worms and the multitude of supporting plants that we have growing among them. This living soil is worlds away from the dirt found in most nurseries and we believe that it grows our trees to be stronger, healthier and more resilient.

Our children can roll around the ground on our farm, play nerf guns among the trees and pull a carrot to eat straight from the dirt without one worry on our part.

At Winter Cove Farm, we are proud to be part of a growing community that puts our children, our community, our land and water before profits.

Our Mission:

2 year old Freedom apple tree in fruit

To offer personally tested fruit and nut plants that grow in zone 3 through zone 6 for the home orchardist. To share our Simple, Natural and Poison-Free methods that we use to make your fruit growing easy. We aim to help others in cold climates create regenerative  food forests throughout the coldest parts of the United States, increasing our local food supply and security.

What we do:

We offer Sustainably-Grown, Cold-Hardy Fruit Trees & Plants. We utilize Permaculture (permanent agriculture) principles in our SNAP (Simple, Natural And Poison-Free) methods, looking to Creation for information as to what conditions each plant needs in each location.  Our nursery only carries cold-weather varieties that we have personally tested on our farm (a cold zone 5).

We work with beyond organic principles, concentrating on soil health and balancing the ecosystem.  We’ve found a way to grow healthy, nutritious food, within an ecosystem, without using man-made chemicals, intensive management or doing damage to the environment. We teach others how to do the same whether you have 1/10th of an acre or 100 acres. We do this through our classes throughout the growing year and in our online information.

We believe that we are meant to be in community, working together to create sustainable, regenerative orchards and food security throughout our communities working towards the restoration of the earth and the people within it.

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