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Sea Berry Package of 7 Plants Seabuckthorn| Zones 3-7



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April 25th - May 3rd

Ships to you bare-root, ready to plant, and professionally pruned. 

Sea Berry, Hippophae rhamnoides, also known as Sallow Thorn or Seabuckthorn.

Produces acidic 1/4″ berries that are bright orangish yellow that hang on the branches all winter long.

Eaten fresh and made into jelly throughout Eastern Europe, Siberia and cold areas of Asia, they are high in Vitamin C with good medicinal value.

The leaves also have a 25% protein level in them. The branches are thorny and the berries produce a pleasing yellow dye.

Shrubs grow up to 15-30′ tall depending on variety. Is said to be nitrogen fixing which is a huge plus in the orchard.

Definite male and female plants and male is needed for pollination.

Hardy to Zone 3

1-2 foot bare root Male plants

2-3 foot female plants

This package includes the following:

2 – Frugana Sea Berry – Bright orange berries with a mild, pleasant taste. Should be harvested by September’s end to guarantee good berry quality. Upright, strong bush with open growth habit. Will reach up to 15 feet without pruning. The long fruit stems make harvesting by hand easy.

4 – Orange Energy Sea Berry – This German cultivar is treasured for its heavy crops of flavorful, bright orange, Vitamin C rich berries. Ripens in September and the shrub appears to glow it’s so orange! This patented variety is prized for it’s large fruits and harvests.

1 – Male – Attractive ornamental shrub that is necessary for fruit production by does not produce fruit. Will pollinate up to 8 females.

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April 27th - May 15th