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Black Ice Plum Tree on Mustang | Zones 3-7



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April 25th - May 3rd

Ships to you bare-root, ready to plant, and professionally pruned. 

Black Ice Plum Tree produces medium to large, purple-black fruit with a with reddish flesh. Closest thing to a California plum that we cold climate growers can get. Grafted onto a zone 3 hardy rootstock.

Moderately vigorous, heavy bearing and has a nicely upright and vase-shaped tree.

Needs a pollinator like Toka, American Plum, or Methley

Mid to late season variety.

Grows well in Zones 3-7.

Krymsk 86 rootstock.

3-4′ trees, single trunk, will be pruned for shipping to fit into box.

Grows up to 15 feet Tall

We highly recommend protecting your trees with a tree tube

Growing trees in the Northeast has proved challenging. One of our main struggles has been with deer and other tree nibbling predators.

Not only were our orchard trees being nibbled and rubbed, but now the deer/rabbits/porcupines/voles and more were heading towards our nursery stock.

I guess when you set out a buffet, the animals say ‘THANKS!’

We decided to purchase a few hundred TREE PRO Miracle Tree Tubes and were quickly sold on the benefits.

Trees that seemed to be stuck in their growth were now growing. We no longer had to constantly move electric fencing. Even trees in remote areas on the farm were thriving.

Where we had ordered them last year to offer to you, Tree Pro started selling them on Amazon (of course) and they are cheaper and offer FREE Shipping. We still highly recommend them!

April 27th - May 15th