Reliance Peach Tree Semi-Dwarf | Zones 4-8

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April 27th - May 15th

Ships to you bare-root, ready to plant, and professionally pruned. 

The Reliance peach tree produces a medium size fruit that has dull red blush over yellow background.

Bright yellow, medium soft, juicy, sweet flesh. Freestone even in cold, dry seasons, small pit.

Good for canning, freezing and fresh market. Vigorous, fast growing tree; self-fruitful and bears young. Showy blossoms. Very bud hardy. Best choice for severely cold winters and springs. Has withstood temps to -25 F. One of our most productive varieties, it is very Reliable!

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Zones: 4-8

Ripens early season

4-5 foot bare root tree lightly branched

Peaches on Semi-Dwarf stock will grow 10′ – 15′ tall

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