Ya Li Pear Tree


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Chinese variety that is pear-shaped rather than round like other Asian pears. Large, smooth light greenish yellow fruit. Crisp, white flesh is moderately sweet with trace of tartness and fragrant aroma. Very good to excellent eating quality. The first time I tasted this pear, I was blown away with the flavor. It’s like the best of both European and Asian pears. Tree is large, upright, very vigorous and productive. Good training will produce early fruit and keep the tree from overbearing. Beautiful dark red foliage in the fall. Earliest to bloom, latest to ripen. Although literature states this may be a zone 6 tree, experienced growers in our zone 5 of Maine have been very successful with this tree.

Pollinate with Tsu Li or Bartlett.

Zones: 5-8

4 – 5 Feet

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