Northstar Cherry Tree Dwarf Zones 3-7

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North Star Cherry Tree produces a large fruited sour cherry with thin, light red skin, red flesh, red juice, and a small freestone that is crack resistant.

Will hold on the tree up to two weeks after ripening, turning from light red to mahogany.

Naturally dwarf tree grows 6-12 feet tall and has an upright, moderately spreading habit.

Dense, luxuriant foliage on a vigorous, self-fruitful tree.

Often starts bearing in it’s second year in the ground, giving heavy crops annually.

Ripens mid-June to mid-July depending on location.

Hardy to -40 F! This means cherries in the FAR, FAR north.

Zones 3-7

Krymsk 5 Rootstock

3′-6′ bare root trees




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