Norland Apple Tree Full Sized Zones 2-6

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The Norland Apple Tree is a juicy, red striped apple with pink background. Green-cream flesh.

Good for fresh eating, cider, sauce, and pies.

Naturally dwarfing tree that produces fruit at a young age.

Keeps about 16 weeks in cold storage.

Ripens mid-August. Good for very short summers. Does better where summers are cooler.

A very hardy tree!

Zones 2-6

Trees come 3-6 feet tall and lightly branched.

Will grow 20′ – 35′ without pruning.

Hardy Antonovka rootstock is a nearly full-sized tree that withstands the coldest of weather. Does not sucker. Resistant to drought, crown rot, collar rot, apple scab, powdery mildew, and crow gall.

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