Mulberry, Red, Tree Zones 5-9


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This mulberry tree is a lovely native red mulberry that resembles blackberries when ripe.

Generally bears heavy, reliable crops, often beginning at an early age. It will feed you, the birds, and all the small animals! It’s a tree that keeps on bearing.

Eagerly eaten by many species of birds and is a wonderful tree to plant near the chicken coop as they will keep the ground cleaned of dropped berries.

Very easy to grow; usually does well without any care. Avoid planting near sidewalks and patios as the dropped fruit can be messy.

No serious diseases or insect pests for you to deal with.

Succeeds best on good soil and bears abundantly for several weeks until late summer.

Morus Rubra

Zones 4-8

Hardy to -25 F

5′-6′ bare root tree

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