Karmijn de Sonnaville Apple (Karmine), Zone 5-8


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Mid-sized fruit is brick red over a yellow-green background.

Flavorful is putting it mildly. With parents of Cox’s Orange Pippin (a best tasting apple in Europe for many years) crossed with the wonderful Jonathan, it’s flavor is nothing like what you’ll ever buy in the store. Makes growing it’s apples worth every minute of care you put into it.

Excellent for winter storage if you can keep from eating them fresh!

Growth habit is spreading and vigorous, beautiful landscape tree.

May be flower tender with late frosts, but has done well for us in Zone 5A.

Originated in Europe around 1949.

Zones 5-8

Ripens in late September.

5 feet tall

Semi-dwarf rootstock

3.5/5 (6 Reviews)


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