Flemish Beauty Pear Tree, Ussuriensis, Zones 3-7


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Large, roundish pear, uniform in size and shape.

Thick, clear yellow skin with a dotted and marbled red blush. Firm, yellowish white flesh, becoming melting and tender; sweet and aromatic with a slightly musky flavor when left to sit at room temperature for a few weeks.

Favorite for slicing and drying because of its round shape.

Hardy, strong growing, vigorous, productive tree; early and abundant bearer.

Requires another pear for cross pollination and is a good pollinator.

Susceptible to fire blight.

Ripens from mid-September to early October depending on location.

Hardy to -45 F

Ussuriensis is a very cold hardy rootstock that is hardy to -50 F

Rootstock Information

We also have it available on the full-sized OHFx87 which is a semi-dwarf root stock.

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