Esopus Spitzenburg Apple Tree, Zones 4-8


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Crisp, fine grained, spicy, juicy, yellowish flesh. Rich, aromatic flavor.

Heritage apple with medium to large, round-conical, orangish fruit with tough skin, russet dots and inconspicuous stripes.

Grown by Jefferson at Monticello.

One of the finest heritage varieties for fresh eating, cider and desserts.

Ripens unevenly; hanging well into November. Flavor improves in storage, best at Christmas, keeps until May.

Tends to bear biennially. Susceptible to fireblight, scab and canker, not for the absent orchard keeper. Good for experienced growers.

Zones: 4-8

3-4 foot tall bare root tree, will grow up to 25 feet without pruning.

EMLA111 Rootstock

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