Carmine Jewel Cherry Tree, Zones 3-6


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This sour cherry with deep dark reddish purple skin and flesh, is not all sour!

Incredible cold hardiness combined with a pop it in your mouth flavor of sweet touched with sour makes this our top choice for cold hardy cherries.

Our Carmine Jewels are grafted onto Krymsk rootstock so you will have a tree, not a shrub. We find it easier to pick than bending over and rifling through a shrub.

Trees are naturally dwarfing and make beautiful landscape specimens with their open growing habit and tiny, white blooms in mid-May.

Our trees have consistently produced in the first or second year after planting in their permanent beds. 15+ pounds by the 4th year and up to 30 pounds in the 5th year.

Like all sour cherries, these are very easy to grow and maintain. Very little pressure from pests or disease. We have had some pressure from plum curculio, like all fruit in Maine; however, encouraging ants through planting peonies has cut down on the problem.

Self-fertile, you only need one, but you’ll want more!

These cherries are good for fresh eating, canning, pies, and freezing. We’ve also had great success with fruit leather from them. We can’t get enough!

Zones 3-6

Prunus fruticosa x Prunus cerasus

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