Saskatoon Juneberry Wild Selected Amelanchier Alnifolia

Saskatoon Juneberry Wild Selected Amelanchier Alnifolia


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Similar to blueberries, this yummy fruit hangs in clusters, from spreading bushes. these are not to be confused with the smaller Serviceberries (amelanchier canadensis).

A great fruit for cooler areas as it’s not recommended to plant these in areas warmer than zone 6. Tolerant to a wide variety of soil types and various ranges of pH levels. Not as picky as blueberries in this manner, but still ensure they have good drainage and good compost for best production.

Huge health benefits. High in vitamins, antioxidents, and phenolic

Productive wild strain of Saskatoons, otherwise known here in the states as Juneberries. Grown widely in Canada, they are great for backyards and are one of the first ripening berries of the season!

You can’t go wrong with a few of these in your landscape. Not only are they excellent for you and taste great, but they look nice too!

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