SOLD OUT $100 Orchard Class April 8th (Canterbury, Connecticut)

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SOLD OUT $100 Orchard Class April 8th (Canterbury, Connecticut)

Learn the basics of grafting, planting and orchard maintenance; companion plants for the orchard, natural pest & disease management; tips for early fruiting. Leave with four baby trees and care manual.



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Haven’t you always wanted to walk out your own door and pick beautiful, fresh, organic fruit off your own trees?  Has lack of basic knowledge on how to do choose the correct varieties, without using dangerous chemicals, or how to plant them kept you from starting in the past?

  •      Learn the basics to choosing the correct trees to grow in your area
  •      Learn how to plant the trees to ensure they live and thrive
  •      Get our special recipe organic tree spray that you can make in your own kitchen
  •      Learn trade secrets to easily train your trees and get fruit faster
  •      Hands-on training for grafting fruit trees
  •      Go home with 4 newly grafted fruit trees and instructions to care for them
  •      Receive our book, Grow a Simple, Natural, And Poison-Free Orchard

Brian will be going over the basics of grafting, planting and orchard maintenance.  He will also cover companion plants for the orchard, choosing the best location for your trees, natural pest and disease management along with tips and tricks for early fruiting!

2 year old Freedom apple tree in fruit

After five hours, you will be ready to take home four new baby trees (two apples, one plum and one pear) and Brian’s book, Homestead Orcharding Is A SNAP, which contains a review of the information from the class.

Class Schedule:

9 am – Welcome to the Class. We start with our information section where Brian will teach about Homestead Orcharding from planting to harvest.

11 am – Bring your own lunch and hand out for a Q&A with Brian. Bring your questions, photos and drawings of your orchard or future orchard.

12 pm – Grafting, a brief history and why we graft. Then it’s hands-on grafting with assistance. Learn how to make your own baby fruit trees and how to care for them. Everything you need, grafting knife, grafting tape, rootstock and scions will be provided.

We will be done by 3 pm!

This is our most popular class and sells out early!

Do you have questions? Contact us here.

Check out our Permaculture Orcharding group on Facebook for more information on growing fruit trees in a resilient and regenerative fashion.

Our goal at Winter Cove Farm is to show you how to grow your own trees, naturally. To see all of our trees & plants for sale, visit our Shop.

This Connecticut class will be held at Radical Roots Farm, 146 Buck Hill Road, Canterbury, CT.

One review, from last year’s class, said, “On April 10th, I had the pleasure of attending an orcharding/grafting class led by Brian of Winter Cove Farm. The workshop was filled with information about various varieties of fruit trees, the best uses for each variety available, and the proper/recommended ways of caring for one’s orchard. Within three hours, I had not only grafted 6 different trees to plant in my orchard, but also had the opportunity to discuss hugelkulture planting, permaculture ideas, the importance of soil structure and organisms within, and some aspects of companion planting. I would encourage anyone planning to start or rehabilitate an orchard to attend this workshop next spring or to contact Winter Cove for growing and care information. Brian made learning to graft so easy to learn I was left wondering when class was over why I hadn’t somehow inherently known this skill!”


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