This list contains some of our best fruits for fresh eating! If you just love pulling fruit from the tree and enjoying it right away, check out these fruits.

One of the biggest benefits of growing fruit trees is the fruit!

There are some fruits that eating fresh will make going back to store bought almost impossible. Kind of like trying to eat cardboard after having fresh sourdough.

A Poison-Free orchard means you don’t even have to worry if the kids (or fur babies) eat them freshly picked. And having great tasting, healthy fruit is definitely a treat.

There are so many options beyond MacIntosh apples and Bartlett pears so take some time and check them out.

Visit our Pinterest page for more ideas on how to grow fresh fruit trees in your backyard. There are Boards like Permaculture Orchard and Recipes From the Garden. We also share lots of other ideas for your natural orchard and homegrown fruit.

Read more on Growing Fruit Trees Without Poisons with this informational page.

Harvesting can always be a challenge with larger trees, so there are multiple ways that we utilize to pick by hand.

For firm fruits like apples, peaches, and pears, we use a basket picker. You can make your own, if you only have a couple trees, by using a 2 liter bottle cut in the shape of the pickers basket and taping the open pour end onto a broom handle with duct tape.

For nuts and cherries, laying out tarps to the tree line and shaking the tree vigorously. Using protective head gear is definitely recommended!  Once you’ve done all you can by hand, then use the bottom end of your basket picker to loosen more fruits from the tree. Good to do every couple days until the tree is bare.

There’s always tree climbing, or a good ladder. You can try a tripod orchard ladder or a nice wooden one from Baldwin Apple Ladders right here in Maine. The third leg adds stability while still being easy to place in your orchard. Using a Over the Shoulder Harvesting Basket limits your up and down the ladder expeditions.

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