This collection of Cooking Varieties of Fruit Trees are fantastic for all sorts of baking, stewing, and, then, of course, eating. Pies, sauces, tarts, stewed…I’m getting hungry just thinking about it! If you like cooking fruit like we do, then check out these cold hardy fruit trees that will keep you warm all winter long.

For pies, you can use almost any fruit, but some cook up better than others. Like the incredible Cherry Pie. If you’ve ever eaten a fresh cherry pie, you know that store canned hold nothing to them. But, did you know that Sour Cherries are the standard for pies? In fact, they’re other name is Pie Cherry!

Some apple and pears tend to disintegrate when cooked, so fruit that holds its shape is a much to ensure that your pies don’t fall flat or get all watery. An excellent tart requires fruit that has both strong flavor and good structure or it won’t be worth your time.

And then, when working on sauce and stewed fruits, you want delicate flavors and soft flesh. We try to explain what varieties are good for what in the descriptions, but feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Check out some ideas for cooking varieties of fruit trees and recipes to try with them at our Pinterest page on our boards Preserving on the Homestead and Plant an Orchard.

If you’ve spent hours peeling and coring apples and pears, you know the pain that’s found trying to get through a bushel. We’ve tried so many of the peeler/corer machine that are out there and they were all FAILS!

That was, until we found the PL8 Apple Peeler Machine. It works like it should, it doesn’t hurt my hands, and it makes peeling/coring a breeze!

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