This list contains some of our best fruit trees for canning. If you’re looking to expand your pantry each year, these are some the best types of fruit to grow.

Canning fruits is one of the easiest ways to put food on your shelf. Most fruits are acidic or easily made acidic with the addition of lemon juice or vinegar and are easily canned with water bath canning.

We regularly can applesauce, peaches, pears and plums for enjoyment during the off season. There’s nothing quite like a fresh tasting Asian pear in January!

Jams and Jellies make an excellent addition to the pantry as well as gifts for the holidays and beyond. We also enjoy our plum sauces with meats and asian dishes.

There are so many options beyond fresh fruit that you’ll want to explore them further!

Visit our Pinterest page for more ideas on how to utilize the best fresh fruit trees for canning with Boards like Recipes From the Garden and Preserving on the Homestead. We also share lots of other ideas for your natural orchard and homegrown fruit.

If you’ve spent hours peeling and coring apples and pears, you know the pain that’s found trying to get through a bushel. We’ve tried so many of the peeler/corer machine that are out there and they were all FAILS!

That was, until we found the PL8 Apple Peeler Machine. It works like it should, it doesn’t hurt my hands, and it makes peeling/coring a breeze!

Need a water bath canner?

This is our favorite canner, the Victorio VKP1130 Stainless Steel Multi-Use Canner with Temperature Indicator w/ Stainless Steel Canning Rack

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