Prairie Violet | Zones 3-7

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April 25th - May 3rd

Ships to you bare-root, ready to plant, and professionally pruned. 

Prairie Violet has blue/purple flowers (depending who you ask) that have 5 petals and grows in clumps. This is not the common violet, which is still lovely, but an important species all of its own.

Grows best in drier soils, in partial shade to full sun. Flowers appear early in the spring and last into early summer for us.

Important Larval Host Plants for multiple Fritillary butters.

Makes a nice companion plant for apple trees as it is fully done with its bloom and growth by the time most apples are ready to harvest.

Package of 3 bare root plants.

Zones 3-7

We highly recommend protecting your trees with a tree tube

Growing trees in the Northeast has proved challenging. One of our main struggles has been with deer and other tree nibbling predators. Not only were our orchard trees being nibbled and rubbed, but now the deer/rabbits/porcupines/voles and more were heading towards our nursery stock. I guess when you set out a buffet, the animals say ‘THANKS!’ We decided to purchase a few hundred TREE PRO Miracle Tree Tubes and were quickly sold on the benefits. Trees that seemed to be stuck in their growth were now growing. We no longer had to constantly move electric fencing. Even trees in remote areas on the farm were thriving. We’ve decided to offer these to our customers for both seedling and tree protection. They ship with no additional cost with your tree order and definitely provide extra shipping cushion as well. You can add them to your order here: Tree Tubes

April 27th - May 15th