Customer Reviews

“On April 10th (2016), I had the pleasure of attending an orcharding/grafting class led by Brian of Winter Cove Farm. The workshop was filled with information about various varieties of fruit trees, the best uses for each variety available, and the proper/recommended ways of caring for one’s orchard. Within three hours, I had not only grafted 6 different trees to plant in my orchard, but also had the opportunity to discuss hugelkulture planting, permaculture ideas, the importance of soil structure and organisms within, and some aspects of companion planting. I would encourage anyone planning to start or rehabilitate an orchard to attend this workshop next spring or to contact Winter Cove for growing and care information. Brian made learning to graft so easy to learn I was left wondering when class was over why I hadn’t somehow inherently known this skill!” Kate D., Maine


I have had excellent service with orders for several seasons and excellent products that have flourished after transplantation. Winter Cove Farm have been wonderful, patient teachers whom I have learned so much from! They are the only place I buy fruit trees and bushes from now.” Michelle at Chicks and Quackers Farm, Holden, Maine


“I’ve learned so much from the folks at Winter Cove Farm, they are wonderful and work hard to give you all the tools you need to succeed. My blueberries that I purchased several years ago are gifting us with delicious sweet berries. All of my fruit trees are growing lovely, strong and healthy. One of my favorite local farms to support.” Becky M., Prospect, Maine


Brian and Jill are a wealth of information, and have been of tremendous help to me as I get my feet wet in the fruit tree growing world. All the trees I’ve purchased from Winter Cove Farm so far have flourished, and I look forward to adding more to my farm soon! Jessica C., Prospect, Maine