Who We Are

Brian & Jill Mello

At Winter Cove Farm, we’re fruit explorers on a journey towards finding the most awesome fruit to grow in cold climates while creating a self-sustaining food forest system that gives abundantly without micro-managing. 


Our Mission:

To offer personally tested fruit and nut plants that grow in zone 2 through zone 6 for the home orchardist. To share the Simple, Natural and Poison-Free methods that we use to make your fruit growing easy.

What we do:

We offer Sustainably-Grown, Cold-Hardy Fruit Trees & Plants. We utilize permanent agriculture (permaculture) principals in our SNAP (Simple, Natural And Poison-Free) methods, looking to God’s creation for information as to what conditions each plant needs in each location.  Our nursery only carries cold-weather varieties that we have personally tested on our farm.

We work with beyond organic principles, concentrating on soil health and balancing the ecosystem.  We’ve found a way to grow healthy, nutritious food, within an ecosystem, without using chemicals, intensive management or doing damage to the environment. We teach others how to do the same whether you have 1/10th of an acre or 100 acres. We do this through our classes throughout the growing year.

We want to enjoy the earth and share what we have learned with you, it’s not about the paycheck.

We believe that we are meant to be in community, working together to create sustainable orchards and food security throughout our communities towards the restoration of the earth and the people within it.