For Sale By Owner


2 bed 1 bath | 750 sqft | 13.11 acre lot

31 Cove Road, Winterport, Maine

We purchased this property with the old house on it in 2005. It is the original home on the road and the original land extended to Route 1A and down to the Back Winterport Road. The land is excellent for fruit growing and we have spent a lot of time working on increasing the yields of the soil from heavy, clay soils to abundant, living soil. There is significant opportunity for growing cold hardy nursery stock here. The need for locally grown, cold hardy, disease resistant edible plants is huge just in the mid to northern range of Maine. There are approximately 3 acres of permaculture style food forest fruit trees and plants including a motherbed of comfrey, peaches, plums, cherries, blueberries, nanking cherries, hardy kiwi, apples, raspberries, etc… There’s plenty of room to grow a seasonal business for complementary income or to create a full-time income from home. The local community is very supportive.Includes 20 foot insulated storage shed that we used for cold storage of trees and works well for cooling down of produce as well. Will include 1.5 cord of wood ready for this winter.

Our cozy house is a concrete block house insulated on the exterior and sided to look like a standard stick built home. Inside the concrete block along with a 12″ thick foundation collect heat and create a nice, warm home for the long winters. It is a cape built with trusses, no dormer. 2 small bedrooms and 1 bath on the second floor.

First floor is open and has 8 foot ceilings to create a spacious feeling within the 24’x24′ building frame. Built around 15 years ago. Has a soapstone wood stove for the coldest days. An electric heat pump with a/c which costs about $50 per month until it is cold enough to use the wood stove. Updated 100 am electric. Heat pump hot water heater that is only a couple years old. Extra 12″ blanket of insulation added at the same time as the heat pump, the house is extremely energy efficient.

Cosmetics are needed to finish the house up. But it is quite livable and had been rented last 2 winters with no issues. Last winter the electric bill, which covers water, hot water, all house electric including stove, washing machine, and dryer averaged $65 for a single person even with the increases in electric costs.

The original farmhouse is still on the property. It is not livable; however, it could provide significant board footage for additional buildings. There are lots of wide boards including some over 18 inches.

Would love to find a farmer interested in furthering the food forest and planting out many of the nursery trees.

Much of the orchard is just starting to bear fruit. We have a comprehensive natural spray program in place and are willing to help educate future owners about this program as well as sharing information on building a local nursery business.