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4 Secrets to Growing Peaches in Cold Climates

To Be Successful, There Are A Few Important Things… There are a few secrets one must know in order to grow growing peaches and other tender fruits in the colder zones of the US.  While we pick the hardier varieties of peaches, such as Veteran and Reliance, we do grow more tender versions of them, as well, and we need to modify the standard plant, fertilize and prune practices of most orchards. We have apricots, sweet cherries and European plums that all fall into the “tender” categories; however, the largest number of these are our peaches.  We are collecting peach pits from local peaches and planting them out to find even hardier varieties that work well in Zones 4 and 5.   But even those will need to be handled differently from your standard, cold hardy apple tree. It’s Not Just The Cold… What we’ve found is that hardiness is more

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