​Thank you for signing up for our $100 SNAP Orchard Class! We’re super excited about this class, it’s always a fun and informational time for our students, as well as for us.
Right now we’re in the middle of grafting 4000 trees and, wow, it’s an intense project. This is an important skill that is the second half of the class and we hope that you’ll enjoy the process that we’ll impart to you during this time.  At the end of this information is a list of all the varieties that we will have as choices for the classes. Some of them are limited, but there are plenty for everyone to choose from.
Brian and I have different ways of grafting. He is the classic grafter, I am not. He has strong, steady hands and mine, well, let’s say they’re neither. It doesn’t matter, we will show you both ways and a custom tool he built for me (and made 10 for the classes) that makes it easy for anyone to create a successful graft.  You’ll learn how to make your own fruit trees, like a professional, at a fraction of the cost. We hope that this allows you to grow your backyard orchard faster!
The class on April 7th will run from 10 am to 4 pm with about an hour for lunch. The class on April 8th will run from 9 am to 3 pm. Please bring a bagged lunch with you and your questions, too. We like to do a Q&A session during this time.
The location for the class is:
Radical Roots Farm
146 Buck Hill Road
Canterbury, CT
Our Homestead Orcharding is a SNAP books are on their way to us from the publisher. It is nice to finally have that project in a finished state, no longer just a booklet that we give out, but printed professionally. We hope you enjoy it, there’s many days and nights invested in getting the information right for you!
Last years class members requested the ability to have one on one time to discuss their orchard plans and pick out trees with us. In response to this request, I will have time set aside during lunch as well as special offers available only available at the class.
To help us build the best experience possible, please email us at Contact@WinterCoveFarm.com with answers to the following questions:
Do you currently have fruit trees?  If so, how many?
What is the most pressing question you have to growing fruit successfully?
What is the ideal number of fruit trees for your backyard?
If you have any other questions, prior to the class, please email us at contact@WinterCoveFarm.com or call Brian at 207-478-8759. If there are any issues on the day of the class and you can’t reach Brian, I can be reached at 207-852-9088.
We appreciate your support and look forward to meeting you soon!
Best regards,
Jill Clark-Mello

Scion List for Classes

(This is just for your information)


Green Gage








Red Clapp’s Favorite

Summer Crisp

Flemish Beauty



Ashmead’s Kernel

Black Oxford

Calville Blanc



Granny Smith

Honey Crisp


St. Edmund’s Russet


William’s Pride

Wolf River

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