We ship out bare root fruit trees ONLY from April 26th until May 8th.

Why? Because they are:

Much cold hardier than potted trees

Adapt well to challenging climates

Don’t have to be planted right away

Much lower risk of transplant shock

Much lower maintenance than potted trees

What’s wrong with the potted trees at the home improvement stores?

Nothing, aside from the fact that they are much more delicate than bare root trees. If you’re an experienced orchardist, we say go for it, but if you’ve never successfully grown fruit trees, we highly recommend trying our bare root trees - you’ll be astounded with the difference.

What makes our bare root trees so tough?


These trees are essentially in dormancy right now, so they’re not actively growing, and therefore not as sensitive to the elements. Once you plant them, the roots grow in your soil, not the stuff in the pot, and as such, transplant shock is greatly reduced.

Do I have to plant them right away?

No! Since bare root trees are dormant, you can keep them in cool storage (ideally around 40°F) for up to 10 days - just be sure to keep the roots moist.

If you can’t get your bare root trees planted within 10 days, you’ll need to get them in the ground to keep them healthy. Dig a trench deep enough to cover the roots, place the trees in it, and cover the roots with soil. Water them heavily.

If you order small plants like raspberry bushes or strawberries, you can actually put them in your refrigerator crisper drawer for up to a month until you’re ready to plan them! Make sure you keep their roots moist.

Plant in their permanent home as soon as you are able.

When can I expect bare root fruit trees from Winter Cove Farm to start producing fruit?

It depends on the type of tree and the root stock, but most trees will begin producing fruit within two to five years of planting.

Do they do okay in shipping?

Yes! Due to their resilient nature, bare root trees ship especially well.

When should I plant them?

Plant your trees as soon as the soil is workable, whether that’s in April or June for you.