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4 Secrets to Growing Peaches in Cold Climates

To Be Successful, There Are A Few Important Things…

There are a few secrets one must know in order to grow growing peaches and other tender fruits in the colder zones of the US.  While we pick the hardier varieties of peaches, such as Veteran and Reliance, we do grow more tender versions of them, as well, and we need to modify the standard plant, fertilize and prune practices of most orchards. Continue reading 4 Secrets to Growing Peaches in Cold Climates

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Permaculture Primer

I used to be addicted to going to the grocery store. When we lived in the city, we just went to the store. I never thought about WHERE our food came from at all.

The shift in my view came pretty suddenly when I was pregnant with my third child, facing ANOTHER job loss.  I started panicking and prepping began.  It wasn’t logical, nor healthy!  I still have some of those canned goods, like Dinty Moore beef stew, that I bought during that time, sitting in my pantry.  Not a good way to increase our food security beyond the short term. Continue reading Permaculture Primer